Day Surgery Centre

Our Day Surgery Centre facilities with two Consultation rooms, two Endoscopy rooms, one Minor Operation Threatre and six private rest rooms for patients. The cleansing room adopts the latest models of Olympus endoscope reprocessors. To prevent cross infection, our endoscopic apparatus such as the hot biopsy forceps and the polypectomy snares are all disposable appliances. Besides, advanced instruments and technologies including the narrow band imaging (NBI), endoscope-specific pump, and an endoscope-specific carbon dioxide importer etc. are used in the Day Surgery Centre.


To provide a finest medical service, the state-of-the-art Olympus HQ 290 endoscopic series are available in our endoscopy rooms. The auto pressure water jet, dual focus and the 170° wide-angle technique not just offer high definition images, but enable doctors to pick up the hidden polyps at ease. Benefiting from these functions, our specialists can give the best performance at the endoscopic level.