Employees are our most precious asset and we always care for their needs. First Shanghai not only closely adheres to local labour laws and regulations, but also established a sound and comprehensive system to protect labour rights of our employees. Under such system, all employees are entitled to an employment contract at the start of their employment, in which all responsibilities and benefits of the employees are clearly recorded down in accordance to relevant regulations. The Group’s resignation and dismissal policies also adhere to the requirements of local labour law.


First Shanghai generally formulates employees’ remuneration based on the principle of equal pay for equal work. Salaries, employee benefits and promotion opportunities are reviewed based on their performance annually. Our concern with employees even goes far beyond requirement of the laws. For example towards the female employees, in addition to providing maternity leave, breastfeeding and other rights and interests under the local laws, the Group also provides maternity allowance. Since 2014, the Group has been awarded the status of “Family-friendly Employer” and “Good Fund Employer”, proving its efforts towards maintaining a harmonious work environment.


First Shanghai Group Staff Trip to Taiwan


First Shanghai Group Staff Trip to Fujian

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Good MPF Employer

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Family-Friendly Employers

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