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Oncology Centre

1WL's Cancer Treatment Team has a world-class professional status, with a number of well-known experts at home and abroad. Under the leadership of the experts, our physicians work tirelessly for the patient to develop personalized treatment programs, and continuously promote the optimization of cancer treatment and patient quality of life



Anti-Cancer Targeted Drug Therapy



Targeted drugs are used to treat against cancer-specific rapid growth signals and minimize damage to healthy cells, with less side effects than traditional radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments. Progress in this area has allowed some cancers become "chronic diseases" rather than terminally ill.Hong Kong's targeted drug selection is broader and more diverse than it's neighbors. The latest anti-cancer drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will take approximately six to nine months before available for domestic patient use. After diagnosis, domestic patients in Hong Kong can confirm the use of such prescriptions paired with the latest immunotherapy, increasing the hope of healing.